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Project Description

Twin car Scale

Standard double Casa Rural Cal Carreter Tourism Garrotxa

Room trolley Scale house must Garrotxa Rural Tourism Carreter is a room Two Three places with private bath located on the second floor need wagon. Its entrance is on the main staircase and its orientation north, by making their little windows have views of the mountains of Windows.

The decor of the stay is under roof, with wood finishes, indirect lighting with led lights and night table lighting. furniture, just like the rest of rural roads must be restored.

Casa Rural Turisme Rural Garrotxa

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    Casa Rural Turisme Rural Garrotxa

    Names of cars in the business must Wagon?

    The names of the different rooms Carter must Garrotxa Rural Tourism Carts names remind us that, until a few decades ago, this was the preferred means of transport across the field and.

    A car is basically composed of three parts: a horizontal decking, with or without rails, both arms to engage the wheels and draft animals.

    The craft of wagon making and included both lead trolleys. He was considered a difficult job learning, and therefore enjoyed a certain reputation in the village. Also known as shipwrights, carters had to be both good carpenters and blacksmiths good.

    The use of the car did change the design of the houses so that they could maneuver in: wide entries, lane limestone, corner to protect walls, etc.

    Even the streets of the towns were designed and configured for the passage of the cars do not cause inconvenience.

    The trolley stops, the shift, the carriage, cigar, bot, diligence etc.. Some of the cars that are currently only found in museums, which have fallen into disuse because of the revolution that has led to the combustion engine.

    Calling these rooms with our name is our little tribute to the wagon and the office that conducted.

    Casa Rural Turisme Rural Garrotxa
    Casa Rural Turisme Rural Garrotxa

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