Project Description

Space Wagon should pool house rural tourism Mieres Garrotxa

Space Pool house rural tourism wagon must Mieres Garrotxa.

We are working to provide you poderr pool equipped with salt. The salt pools offer many benefits for personal care, since water is healthier and acts of thalassotherapy, avoid eye irritation and skin removing chloramines and protects hair from being damaged. Moreover, eliminates excessive acid addition isocianúric and is considered a natural antiseptic and decongestant treatments for dermatological. Its iodine content provides a more natural tan.

The bathroom is nice feeling because the salt concentration in the water and our bodies (increasing convenience according to the approach of the concentration between the two). Thanks to the reduction of the osmotic pressure of the cell·skin cells, delays wrinkles.

Salt Chlorination is the process in which salt is added (sodium chloride) the pool water. This method works with salt chlorinator instead of chlorine chemistry, using less harmful substances for the health and personal care. During the process, the filtering system generates the necessary chlorine gas through electrolysis, that disinfects the water becomes salt again creating a continuous closed loop in which the loss is minimal salt. Allows conserve water and reduce consumption of its volume, being more respectful to the environment and sustainable.

This system allows a more efficient and disinfection, accordingly, better water quality. Aside from being less aggressive, thanks to the combination of chlorine with agents generated during the electrolysis and oxidation of organic matter inside the pool, prevents the formation of algae and bacteria.