Volcano bus to Santa Pau

Volcano bus a Santa Pau. During the fall season, and from this long weekend onwards 10,11 i 12 October, the Bus service returns, corresponding to the Olot-Santa Pau line (attached we send you the schedules, route and stops).

This route has the following stops:
  • Olot (Bus stop)
  • Can Blanc
  • Can Serra (Jordà beech forest)
  • Santa Margarida area (volcanoes)
  • Santa Pau (Puig de Mar)
  • Santa Pau (public parking; Of. of the Volcanoes, 14)
In order to contribute to the decongestion of private vehicle parking in certain hot spots in the volcanic area of ​​La Garrotxa (as you will already be well acquainted) you have the will, intention and desire to re-educate the visitor to do alternative use of the various sustainable options at your service (bus, bike or walking routes from Santa Pau – Tourist Office and old town). The line connects with arrivals from destinations such as Barcelona or Vic, among other populations.
However, convey to you that, removing loads of vehicles in the central area of ​​the Natural Park, is an action generated with the firm desire to improve the experiential experience of the people who visit us and offer a service that seeks to achieve excellence·lence in all areas and, so, accordingly, also in terms of mobility in the municipality and natural territory in which we live and work.
So, and to be able offer a more pleasant and satisfying visit to your customers and users, from here we encourage you to feel this alternative to the private vehicle and promote it, from the situation you are in, sustainable and environmentally responsible tourism, that encourages your customers and users to use the service, for everyone to enjoy.
For any questions or clarifications, feel free to contact
Santa Pau Tourist Office
Of. of the Volcanoes, 14
T (+34) 972 680 349