Gorg Can Batlle of the jump to enjoy the heat next to Mieres

The Gorges jump Can Batlle. Summer is beach time and pool but a good alternative is the cool pools and waterfalls. A pond is a pond that forms deep in some streams, where this is more slowly. They are usually located in forest areas, Wet and cool, where there are waterfalls. To reach these beautiful landscapes, You can follow well-signposted and easily accessible, as well as hiking trips.

The Pozas to enjoy the heat next to Mieres, places where referring itself is a pleasure in hot weather. A touch of house must Wagon and well connected will find the jump Can Batlle.

The spectacular jump Can Batlle. It has two natural pools, a top jump, and the other at the bottom. The water is pure, clara i, ull! very cold even in summer! So do not swim if you are very sensitive.

The waterfall mill in the town of Can Batlle Santa Pau is one of the most beautiful pools in the area. The site is very accessible, en us 10 minute walk can get from the last place where you can leave your car. Part of Natural Park of Volcanic Zone Garrotxa, as well as the volcano of Santa Margarida, the volcano Croscat and the Fageda in Jordan, others. at the, Luckily, remains fairly wild, for that, is one of the most recommend visiting, especially in summer.