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Natural Volcanic Park

Natural Volcanic Park

within 15.000 hectares that make up the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park we find 38 volcanic cones, more 20 basaltic lava flows and many biological and cultural attractions. This natural jewel hugs 11 different municipalities, mostly in the river Fluvià.

mountains, the soil and climate give a varied and lush vegetation, of great value. We have identified over a thousand different plant species, and almost 65% the territory is occupied by thick forests of oak, oak or beech, like the famous beech in Jordan. Here are a wide variety of live animals: wild boars, foxes, squirrels, rabbits, mosteles, talps, hedgehogs, tritons, water snakes, toads ... One of the characteristics of the natural park is the high volcanic activity, due to the large fault that divides the region into two: growing hills north, limestone walls and cliffs, and to the south the landscape is flatter.

Every year there are hundreds of earthquakes almost imperceptible. Volcanoes are the most popular and iconic Santa Margarita, Montsacopa and Croscat. The latter is the largest volcano in the Iberian Peninsula and the youngest, with 1.500 years.

The Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park is very humanized, it contains villages, neighborhoods, numerous farmhouses and fields, occupying a quarter of the surface. the territory, But, form a balanced and harmonious landscape. The area offers thirty short and long routes, most well signposted. Among the busiest roads are the Olot-Can Xel, the Can Xel Santa Pau and the surrounding Croscat. There are three information points in Olot, Santa Pau and near the volcano Croscat, where you can get information on various routes in the park.

Surface 15309 Municipalities comprising Olot; Press, the; Mieres; Vall de Bianya, the; Sant Feliu de Pallerols; Sant Joan les Fonts; Montagut; Planes, the; Sant Aniol de Finestres; Santa Pau; Castellfollit de la Roca From Public Ownership 1985

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