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Hiking space of Rural Rural Tourism Carreter Cal Garrotxa. If you like walking this is your space, make excursions, make discovery of our territory, This is your space. We are working to be able to offer you a range of proposals that, GPS Guided You Can Do With Departure And Arrival Cas Rural cal Carreter Rural Tourism.

Our country house to Garrotxa it is an ideal point to be able to enjoy the roads, trails and shortcuts in the company of the family, the friends….. or alone.

We will soon have the tracks to facilitate our proposals.

Information on activities related to hiking and walking Garrotxa.

Collection of resources, routes and places to consider to enjoy this wonderful place.

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Hiking area and proposals Itineraries of Casa rural cal Carreter Turisme Rural Garrotxa

Hiking Area. Itinerary no. 1 (Download Tracks)

Mieres – The Sitjar – Camí de les Marrades – Oratories of the Puig – Hermitage of the Ash – Oratories of the Puig – Camí de les Marrades – The Sitjar – Mieres

This itinerary starts in front of the Town Hall of Mieres and passes by the most traditional path to go up to the Sierra de Finestres and to go to the hermitage of El Freixe, especially on the day of the gathering. The ascent to the mountains is interesting, called Camí de les Marrades, by the loops that the route makes, so that the animals loaded with coal-filled saddles could pass without difficulty.

Hiking Area. Itinerary no. 2 (Download Tracks)

Mieres-Font de Can Salavia-Ermita del Freixe-Font de Can Salavia-Mieres

Itinerary that also begins in the town of Mieres and that also goes up to the Sierra de Finestres by a very direct path, which is gaining ground quickly and through which the animals could not pass. Of note on this route is the Can Salavia fountain and the remains of the Can Salavia mill.

Hiking Area. Itinerary no. 3 (Download Tracks)

Font de Can Salavia – Font Ricard – Hermitage of the Ash- Font Ricard – Font de Can Salavia

Another path used to lower the coal from the Sierra de Finestres was the one that passed by the house of Font Ricard. It is a beautiful path that connects the neighborhood of Ruïtlles with the hermitage of El Freixe.

Hiking Area. Itinerary no. 4 (Download Tracks)

Hermitage of the Ash – Font del Freixe- Source of Ca l’Espardenya – Clot Mal- Camí Ral – Font del Freixe – Hermitage of the Ash

This circular route is a very pleasant walk through the shadows of Clot Mal, the torrent that drains the western falls of the Freixe hermitage. You walk through two bushes, you cross Clot Mal twice and you can drink water from the arranged fountain of Ca l’Espardenya which flows all year round.

Hiking Area. Itinerary no. 5 (Download Tracks)

Mieres – Casica de l’Obrador – Collet de la Devesa – Plan of Pallers de Baix – Plan of Pallers de Dalt – Coll de la Palomera – Sanctuary of Windows – Coll de la Palomera – Plan of Pallers de Dalt – Plan of Pallers de Baix – Collet de la Devesa – Casica de l’Obrador – Mieres

A tradition rooted in Mieres was to go to the gathering of the sanctuary of Windows. Nowadays, mostly, people use the car to attend the gathering, but the alternative had to be reclaimed in order to go there on foot. To make the path is to go through a whole string of place names, which tells us that it was widely used. It is necessary to emphasize the passage by the Shelf (without any difficulty), to be able to cross the vertical wall that collapses from the sanctuary.

Hiking Area. Itinerary no. 6 (Download Tracks)

Plan of Pallers de Baix – Burroig bundles – Iera de Reis – Coll de la Palomera – Iera de Reis – Burroig bundles – Plan of Pallers de Baix

It is a variant to go up to the sanctuary of Finestres from halfway of the itinerary no. 5. Also interesting is the diversity of vegetation that we will find along the way.

Hiking Area. Itinerary no. 7 (Download Tracks)

Raspat-Faig Rodó-Puigsallança-Raspat

This walk is circular and allows you to reach Puigsallança, the highest point of the Sierra de Finestres. It is necessary to emphasize the good panoramic ones that are had from the top of the top. Much of the road is through beech, cooler than the holm oak grove, which allows you to walk there at any time of the year.

Hiking Area. Itinerary no. 8 (Download Tracks)

Coll de la Palomera – Handkerchief stones – Collet de Pedres Picades – Oratories of the Puig – Collet de Pedres Picades – Handkerchief stones – Coll de la Palomera

With an insignificant difference in level, this route links the itineraries of the sector of the sanctuary of Finestres with those of the area of ​​the hermitage of the Freixe. Apart from that, it is worth going through the curious paving known as the handkerchief stones.

Hiking Area. Itinerary no. 9 (Download Tracks)

Iage of kings – Clascar – Oratory of Windows – Sanctuary of Windows – Oratory of Windows – Clascar – Iage of kings

This short route is presented as an alternative to itinerary no. 5 to go up to the Sanctuary of Windows. Located next to the Oratory of Windows, once you have gained the edge of the mountain range, it goes through an interesting stretch, whether for the views, as for the vegetation that accompanies the path.

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