End of county confinement, air to rural tourism

The county confinement will be lifted next Monday, morning 15 of March. From that day on, so, mobility will be authorized throughout Catalonia.

This has been decided by the Procicat at a meeting yesterday morning . As for the restoration, the current opening hours of bars and restaurants will be maintained, which will be able to serve customers on the premises between 7.30 and the 17 hours.

The measures approved for Easter will come, However, will be marked by what was agreed on Wednesday at the Interterritorial Health Service: it will not be possible to enter or leave the autonomies except in case of force majeure, curfew at 23.00 hours, only meetings of cohabitants in houses and in bars and restaurants, tables for four people inside and six on the terraces. These measures are mandatory, although communities may be more restrictive. For example, Catalonia has already announced that it will maintain its curfew at 22.00 hours.

Remains, so, ruled out that he could leave Catalonia to visit relatives and relatives as the government spokeswoman had pointed out this week, Meritxell Budó. The Minister of Health has been so explicit, Carolina Darias: "You can only travel for the essential issues provided for in the alarm decree".

End of county confinement

In favor of relaxing restrictions has been shown, one more week, the Secretary of Public Health, Josep Maria Argimon, who has once again argued that it is time to “give air” by easing limitations, despite the still high occupancy of the ucis. “500 beds is a lot; However, we have to give air because the citizenry is exhausted. If the window opens more or less, this is already a decision of the Government ", punctuate this week.