Fajol de Batet de la Serra Fair

Fajol de Batet de la Serra Fair. The Amics del Fajol once again organize the Fajol de Batet de la Serra Fair (Olot), which this year reaches its fifteenth edition this Sunday 9 of February. This is the third of the fairs with “efa” and closes the cycle started by the Bean Fair of Santa Pau and the Farro of the Vall de Bianya, celebrated, respectively, in the previous two weekends.

Throughout the day you can enjoy a market of local products and handicrafts, of local products from the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone and the exhibition of farm animals with the·homemade pork processing Corominas, Jordi Vilarrasa, Can Rovira, ecological lambs Mas Godomar and Ponis de la Garrotxa.

There will be a demonstration of dry stone construction throughout the morning and this year the margin hut started last year will be completed.. too, there will be tastings of different tastings made with buckwheat by representatives of the Volcanic Cuisine and for the fourth time the Gymkhana llaminera will be held.

There will be a demonstration of the skill of the people of the village with the art of beating, wind and grind buckwheat and workshops and demonstrations of traditional trades such as basket weaving, stonemason, chocolate maker, wooden shoemaker and turner, as well as contests for children, musical performances and dances by Batoies and the Partridges. Equally, the seventh edition of the homemade buckwheat cake contest has been announced.

If you want to know in detail the program you can link here