Events for the arrival of the Canigó Flame in Mieres

Canigó flame a Mieres, com marca la tradició per celebrar la nit més curta de l’ year the villages pick up the flame of the Canigó, The Canigó Flame arribarà aquest dimarts a la nit, in the framework of the festival of Sant Joan, in addition to 3.000 points of the Catalan Countries. It will do so adapted to the current context caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuring security measures..

Usually, the morning of 22 al 23 de juny la Canigó flame es renova al cim d’aquesta muntanya del Pirineu català i centenars de voluntaris i equips de foc la distribueixen arreu dels Països Catalans seguint diverses rutes per tal d’light bonfires on the night of St. John. That's how it starts, any rere any, the celebration of an ancestral festival linked to the summer solstice which is also a symbol of brotherhood between the Catalan-speaking territories.

The Canigó flame arribarà com cada any a tots els racons dels Catalan countries, adapted to the current context caused by the coronavirus pandemic and ensuring all security measures. This year, since in northern Catalonia there is a curfew from 11pm to 6am and therefore it is not possible to regenerate at midnight, exceptionally, es farà la regeneració a les 12h del migdia del dia 22. Accediran al cim un grup reduït de persones en representació de tots els equips de foc que faran arribar la flama a les 6:30h in the morning in Coll d’Ares to start distribution throughout the Catalan Countries.

To Garrotxa one route will arrive directly in Olot and the other will make its way via Besalú. They are two teams of fire prepared to go to collect the flame in the sink of the Canigó the night of the 22 and then go down it to different places to be able to arrive in the middle of the afternoon in both Besalú and Olot and in the other towns in the region..

Canigó flame in Mieres