Garrotxa Volcanic Walking

The next one 2,3 i 4 October 2020

Garrotxa Volcanic Walking proposes this year of confinement a different proposal to enjoy the region of the Garrotxa. A total of 16 activities several throughout the region will make you discover first hand the cultural and natural heritage of the Garrotxa with local guides.

The beauty of rural landscapes approaching some of the valleys of the Garrotxa or climbing up to one of its viewpoints to have a privileged view. Itineraries with history forArea of ​​Natural Interest in Alta Garrotxa or routes by Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park as they have never been seen.

Volcanoes and lava flows, valleys, forests, caves and peaks. Lots to walk, much to discover!

All the activities of the Garrotxa Volcanic Walking they include guidance with local businesses, a “Hiker’s Kit” and a taste of local produce during or at the end of the excursion.

If you want to stay all weekend , check availability!

Terms & Conditions

The number of members of the groups of the hiking festivals of La Garrotxa, Ripollès and Alt Empordà depend on each activity, with a maximum of 25 people and will be accompanied by at least one guide. Once the number of participants in each group has been covered, registration will close.

The guides are very knowledgeable about the routes and the hiking activity, so you will have to follow their instructions all the time. The explanations, they will be in Catalan. In case they are needed in another language, request it at the time of registration.


The guides for each activity will take safety measures so that all participants can enjoy the activity to the maximum, minimizing the risk of infection., following the protocols they have established for each activity (you can consult the protocols on the website of each guide company). It is mandatory to wear a mask and hydroalcoholic gel will be provided, in the case of the use of material, the corresponding disinfection will be done according to the material used.

Attendance insurance is included with any of the festival excursions.

This event takes place outdoors, so it is subject to inclement weather, to the environment, to transport, to which an accident occurs, etc. In the event that circumstances so advise, the organization reserves the right to make changes to the routes or the program

It is mandatory to register in order to take part in one of the festival excursions.
Wear comfortable clothing, as well as ideal footwear for hiking. The organization may not allow participants who do not meet these requirements to participate

It is recommended to wear warm clothes. Also a cap or hat and sunscreen.
Bring enough food and fluids.

Given the characteristics of the activity, the following groups of people will need to be accompanied by a responsible person:
Less than 16 years
People with some kind of vulnerability or difficulty in hiking.
In case of any doubt about this section, please contact the organization.

We will walk in groups, for so, pets are allowed on the excursions, but they have to be tied up.

The areas through which the routes run and the temperatures existing in the days before them must be taken into account in order to wear the appropriate clothes.. Adverse weather could be one of the reasons for altering a route schedule, acabar-la abans del previst o fins i tot cancel·lar-la.

En cas de cancel·lació per part de l’organització, it undertakes to return the amount previously paid for the registrations. Per motius de cancel·lació per part dels participants, the amount previously paid will not be refunded, except in exceptional cases.

Although there is no great difficulty in the routes, the practice of hiking can be complex, especially if you are not well equipped or if you do not have the right physical condition. Participants do so at their own risk and responsibility. The organizers or sponsors of this event will not be responsible for any accidents that occur during the walk.. By registering for any of the activities you are accepting the terms of participation in this event, as well as having the right physical condition and equipment to participate. Participants must follow the instructions of the guides of each of the groups at all times. Decisions made by the organization and by guides in favor of safety or proper organization are not debatable, considering that they are responsible for safety during the walks. If the guide considers that a participant is not wearing the right equipment at the start of the route, you may refuse to participate in it. Any medical problems that may affect your participation must be reported to the organization at the time of registration., treating this information with complete confidentiality. Si les circumstàncies aconsellessin que una ruta fora cancel·lada, the organization will provide another route, if that were possible. If a person leaves the group, the insurance does not cover any accidents that may occur to you. In the event that a route needs to be modified for reasons beyond the control of the organization, participants will not be entitled to file any claim.

Registration for festivals, authorizes the event organizers, to which they may use, in whole or in part, my own image contained in the photographs that may be taken during the event for the sole purpose of promoting this event, which include reproduction rights, distribution and public communication. Aquesta autorització es concedeix per un termini de temps il·limitat, not setting any time limit for its granting or for the exploitation of the photographs, or part of them, in which my own image consists. This authorization is granted free of charge, expressly waiving any amount for assignment of the image rights contained in this document.

The organizing entities reserve exclusively the right to the image of the festivals, as well as audiovisual exploitation, photographic and journalistic events.

Thank you so much for coming to walk with us!