The tradition of coca de Sant Joan

The tradition of St. John coca leaves her indifferent to sweet or not they are. A Cal wagon Rural Tourism Garrotxa We know and we want to celebrate this tradition with the San Juan. The coca de Sant Joan is one of the most popular at home and may be of different classes: Marzipan with candied, cream or cream and adorned with pine nuts, greaves or candied fruit. It eats traditional Night of San Juan, when distributed to festivals with sweet wines or rancid; today, But, these drinks have left no cava.

San Juan cake cake is derived from eggs that once ate: a sweet round, it was clearly reminiscent of sun worship. According to the chef Ignasi Domenech, should be twice as long than wide.

The tradition of coca de Sant Joan. Elaboration

Ingredients: 250 g force farina, 200 g candied fruit (job, orange, cherries, etc.), 75 g of milk, 55 g de mantega tova, 55 g sugar, 25 g pine nuts, 20 g pressed yeast, 2 ous, half glass of anise, grated lemon peel, will, sugar, wearying of mantega.

Melt the yeast with a little warm milk.
Submit 3 tablespoons flour and work it to make a smooth dough; let it rest until it has doubled in volume.
Make a volcano on marble flour and the center put the butter, eggs, sugar, the salt, lemon zest and anise.
Work with the hand or with a fork half ingredients, add the sourdough and continue working on it with the flour until dough is thin and compact.
Pull it on a baking sheet greased with oil or butter. Should have a thickness of about 1 cm and oval.
Brush it with egg and cabbage·Place it on top of candied fruits, chopped, and let it stand until it doubles in volume.
Spread the pine nuts over it, sprinkle sugar over it and cook it in the oven 180 ˚C us 20 minutes.

With these last notes can try to prepare your cake and good verbena San Juan!