The walk back to La Garrotxa

La Volta on foot in La Garrotxa is a staged route proposal that will allow the traveler to discover, to taste and to spend the night every day in a different town from the region.
Thanks to the public-private collaboration between Editorial Llibres de Batet, the authors Anna Plana and Sergi Romero and Turisme Garrotxa, Today a new tourist product has been presented in Olot that will allow you to get to know the Garrotxa territory in depth, its landscapes and its tourist offer. The presentation was attended by the Director General of Tourism of Catalonia, Marta Domènech.
Initially, the Tour on foot in La Garrotxa was born as a travel guide to get to know the region step by step and to discover, in detail and in different stages, many of its attractions. This post, which has a travel book format - size 19x13cm and closed with rubber- has been written by Anna Plana and Sergi Romero, has photographs by Moi Soler and has been edited by Llibres de Batet.
From this post, Garrotxa Tourism and Itinerànnia, with the collaboration of the authors of the guide, they came together to design a tourist product that would allow you to discover La Garrotxa on foot, beyond the widely known and visited places. This is an opportunity to highlight this route as a tourist product linked to nature and health, that will help to dynamize the economic development of the territory and that, Besides, it allows the promotion of sustainable mobility in the territory.
La Volta on foot in La Garrotxa follow the paths of the trail network Itinerànnia, that apart from its usual signage of yellow marks and banners, has seen the indications reinforced at some points, with nameplates of the Tour on foot in La Garrotxa, facilitating the tracking of the route in all its stages.
But the uniqueness of this route lies in the fact that, in addition to specific signage, establishments and tourism professionals located at one of the stages of the guide’s journey have joined the project, offering the traveler their services along the way. The establishments that adhere to the Volta, duly identified, they offer the traveler information and benefits, thus creating a unique route with its own personality.
La Volta on foot in La Garrotxa, which adds up to a total distance of 201,5 km, it is divided into ten stages, plus one to circulate around Olot and its surroundings, which can be done in a row, or they can be planned on different days, depending on the availability of the traveler.
The main features of each stage are:
Stage 1: Olot- Santa Pau. Distance: 16,69 km. Accumulated ascent difference: 410 m.
Stage 2: Santa Pau – Sant Ferriol - Mieres. Distance: 17,43 km. Accumulated ascent difference: 173 m.
Stage 3: Mieres – Sant Aniol de Finestres – Les Planes d’Hostoles – Sant Feliu de Pallerols. Distance: 25,56 km. Accumulated ascent difference: 994 m.
Stage 4: Sant Feliu and Pallerols- La Vall d’en Bas – The Dams. Distance: 19,87 km. Accumulated ascent difference: 646 m.
Stage 5: The Dams – Olot – The Bianya Valley. Distance: 14,16 km. Accumulated ascent difference: 410 m.
Stage 6: The Bianya Valley – Sant Joan les Fonts – Castellfollit de la Roca. Distance: 17,79 km. Accumulated ascent difference: 448 m.
Stage 7: Castellfollit de la Roca – Montagut - Tortellà. Distance: 14,18 km. Accumulated ascent difference: 463 m.
Stage 8: Tortellà – Rooms of LLierca – Beuda - Besalú. Distance: 17,41 km. Accumulated ascent difference: 425 m.
Stage 9: Besalú – Sant Ferriol – Argelaguer – Sant Jaume de Llierca. Distance: 20,16 km. Accumulated ascent difference: 611 m.
Stage 10: Sant Jaume de Llierca - Olot. Distance: 17,91 km. Accumulated ascent difference: 672 m.
Stage 10+1: Olot – Les Preses - Olot. Distance: 20,39 km. Accumulated ascent difference: 474 m.
Finally, to encourage travelers to complete the Tour, a route passport has been created that the visitor can show at the tourist offices, restaurants, accommodation and services attached to the project, in its passage for each stage, and these establishments will be able to stamp the passport as proof of having completed a section of the route.
Visitors who complete the 10 stages of the passport, they will receive as a gift the backpack of the Tour on foot in La Garrotxa and a voucher of € 30 to spend in the establishments included in the mobile application Garrotxa Approp. The passport can be purchased by buying the La Volta a peu a la Garrotxa guide, at tourist offices and affiliated establishments.