L’Hort de Cal Carreter Turisme Rural Garrotxa

L’Hort de Cal Carreter Rural Tourism Garrotxa. These long days of confinement, a Cal Carreter we have not stopped our activity, the door closed, But…. assets.
One of the advances I have made has been the start of the project that we planned to carry out later and which has been an opportunity to be able to have more spaced responsibilities and get our garden done..

In a corner of the farm we have a space where we ask to recover a piece of garden that in his day Jordi and L’Imma already made an orchard that is now disused. So get to work and we start working hard.

Once clean of weeds, and stirring and stirring the earth we have fertilized it and we already have the seedling up and running, it has not been an easy job, since the ground was hard and neither are we accustomed to field work.
This year and in test format we planted, tomatoes, at all, lettuce, onions, porros, onion tender, api, parsley, red pepper and Girona pepper.

L’Hort de Cal Carreter

With the amount we plan to collect and with the next replantings have for a part of the Núria's kitchen and stove for this pre season.
We hope to pass the stage and be able to serve you at the Garrotxa.