East wind historical Garrotxa

The historic rise in La Garrotxa is leaving historical records, in rainfall but also in terms of the flow of rivers and streams. The Fluvià, this morning, carried a flow of about 150 cubic meters per second. If we compare it with yesterday's data at noon, That was from 50 cubic meters per second, gives an idea of ​​the amount of water that goes down. Only tonight, and until this morning, a Olot they have fallen 91 liters per square meter, which accumulate in the 220 liters collected from Monday evening, when the storm episode began. Total, the capital of La Garrotxa has registered 311 liters per square meter. The storm Gloria overflows the Fluvià and accumulates records that exceed the 300 liters per square meter in La Garrotxa.

La Garrotxa woke up this Wednesday morning with numerous effects caused by temporary glory. Throughout the night and morning the rain has fallen with great intensity throughout the region and without stopping, in many cases accompanied by storm. Some don’t remember an episode as intense as this one.

The river Fluvià has overflowed in the Vall d’en Bas and the capital of La Garrotxa the river rises in Sant Roc, where the walk is completely taken, and also in the Ronda Fluvià, just behind the bus station.