Half board in rural tourism

Half board in rural tourism of cottage Cal Carreter a challenge in the new stage that we adopted as a legacy of the trajectory of the brand of Cal Carreter started more than 25 years for Jordi and l’ Imma and we wanted to give back. It has not been a minor issue in these early days, since all the renovations and the start-up of the facilities of the interior and exterior spaces is a matter of budget and of the style and the imprint that we wanted to give, but the kitchen and stove is another level.

Want to bet as a reference one rural accommodation with good food, accurate, proximity to natural products and quality service has given us a return from our guests that has surprised us ourselves.

There are few rural tourism establishments that offer half board service, the trend has become to give breakfast or to facilitate a common space equipped with kitchen so that the clients can elaborate and make the food themselves. This lacks d’ establishments with a service of half board in rural tourism makes the supply very scarce and the search point has been lost rural houses with this service, but on the other hand lovers of good food and looking for a natural and rural environment to enjoy a few days of disconnection have found in Cal Carreter a format d’ accommodation and half board that has met your expectations.

Home cooking and more and more, variants due to the large number of intolerances we find there, they make us adapt to any challenge that the client demands of us, and that Núria's imagination with the their stoves makes a vegetarian diet, vegan or with certain requirements is in no case a second category proposal for lack of proposal that we offer to satisfy our client.

We want to offer you a service where accommodation and gastronomy are a complement to our environment in La Garrotxa.