About Casa Cal Carreter

About Casa Rural Cal Carreter ? We Nuria and Jordi and from Casa Rural Cal Carreter Tourism Garrotxa, Welcome to this corner of the Garrotxa.

Our house Rural Tourism Located in the town of Mieres in a corner of the region of Garrotxa where you can enjoy a unique.

They take over from Imma and Jordi who created this holiday with great dedication, enthusiasm, courage and above all with great affection far more than 15 years.

We face this challenge with the aim of perpetuating his legacy, maintain and expand this activity. It will not be easy task, the bar is very high, but this is our commitment cto cart and our future guests.

work so Casa Rural Cal Carreter Tourism Garrotxa, is a special place and you can enjoy the peace of mind •, food and many activities, which ultimately Make yourself at home and playing with Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park.

Nous gestors de casa rural cal carreter turisme rural Garrotxa
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