Recommendations for St. John

Recommendations for St. John. The next one 23 in June all of Catalonia will be in the phase 3 i si be a Cal Carreter our verbena is without fireworks yes we have found a number of tips that she makes ours for a handful d’ very common actions for these post-confinement dates to have a safe party.

This year, the covid-19 pandemic will make the celebrations very different. For that, Health and safety tips include measures to continue to apply to reduce the risk of infection.

Measures to prevent covid-19

  • Avoid crowds! The celebration, better in small groups.
  • Respect the safety distance of two meters with people you do not live with, whether they are friends or family; wash your hands often and wear a mask.
  • When you dine, did not share cutlery, drinks or food.
  • If you buy pyrotechnics, choose to do it online and pick it up at the store by appointment.
  • Remember the mask, gloves and hydroalcoholic gels are highly flammable. Keep them away from fire and firecrackers!


Improper handling of rockets, firecrackers and other pyrotechnic articles can cause injury, sometimes very serious. In Catalonia, more than half of the serious injuries that occur as a result of the handling of pyrotechnic devices affect children and adolescents. To prevent them, you need to use pyrotechnics following these safety tips:

  • If you buy pyrotechnic products, do so only at authorized establishments.
  • Follow the safety regulations of the manufacturer of the pyrotechnic article.
  • Make sure that children use only age-appropriate pyrotechnic products and always under the supervision of an adult..
  • Never throw firecrackers at anyone.
  • Do not keep firecrackers in your pockets.
  • Do not light any firecrackers inside the houses.
  • Do not throw or manipulate firecrackers from moving vehicles, balconies or windows.
  • Make sure there are no flammable liquids on the edge. They ignite easily and vapors can explode.
  • In places where parties are held, clothes and awnings must be collected, and close doors and windows.
  • Avoid launching rockets at less than 500 meters of wooded areas and in agglomerations of people.
  • Do not hold firecrackers with your hands. Do not place them near your face or body.
  • Use safe means to ignite pyrotechnic material (wicks and the like).
  • Always light the wick at the end to give you time to retreat.
  • Do not manipulate the contents or the original structure of the firecrackers, because you could cause sudden explosions.
  • Roman candles that do not have a special handle, you have to fix them in a hole, in a pot with earth or sand so as not to burn you.
  • Do not cut the end of the firecrackers, they can explode violently.
  • Do not throw any rockets with your hand, nor with the broken cane, because it will come out in an unexpected direction and can explode badly.
  • Please note the risk categories of pyrotechnic articles and the recommended ages for launching them.. Remember that those included in category F3 are not authorized for minors 18 years.


Pastry products, especially cream or cream fillings, they are an optimal medium for the survival and multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms, if the necessary hygiene conditions are not respected during its elaboration and conservation. Besides, It should be borne in mind that the high temperatures that occur during the summer in our territory are a risk factor associated with the consumption of these products..

To prevent possible food poisoning and enjoy cakes safely, follow the recommendations below:

  • If you make them, respect the basic rules of hygiene: clean up, to separate, run, cool down.
  • If you buy them, do so in an establishment suitable for the production and / or sale of these foods.
  • Choose the type (stuffed or not) depending on the possibilities of preserving them until the time of consumption.
  • Keep cold until creamy or creamy (if you do not consume them at all, quickly return them to the refrigerator).
  • If you have to make a long trip and you can’t ensure its cold storage, it is best to prepare or buy cakes that can be stored at room temperature, or provide for its preparation or acquisition at the place of destination.


  • Do not light bonfires without permission.
  • Bonfires must be in addition to 15 meters from facades and cars and never under power lines.
  • Avoid making bonfires in areas with dry or wooded vegetation.
  • In order not to damage the pavement, put earth or sand under the fire.
  • Never light a bonfire with flammable liquids.
  • Do not throw drums or sprays, they can explode.
  • Do not throw papers or fabrics, the wind would take them off and carry them away.
  • Avoid burning tires and plastics to avoid contamination.
  • Bonfires must allow the passage of emergency vehicles.


And if you participate in any correfoc:

  • Follow the instructions of the organizers.
  • Dress up with:
    • Cotton clothes, with long sleeves and pants.
    • A hat to protect yourself from sparks.
    • Leather sneakers that hold your feet well.
  • Do not ask neighbors for water: you will prevent plugs and slips and the gunpowder from getting wet and exploding or coming out in an unexpected direction instead of burning.

Alcohol and driving

The celebration of the festivals causes trips and is associated with a greater consumption of alcoholic beverages, la qual cosa provoca un increment del nombre de persones amb lesions derivades de col·lisions i atropellaments. In this dates, It's necessary:

  • Avoid driving if you plan to consume alcoholic beverages or at times when fatigue and drowsiness may affect you..
  • Use public transport and, if this is not possible and you decide to travel in a private vehicle, make sure the person in charge of driving does not consume alcohol or other drugs.
  • Remember that the consumption of alcoholic beverages and other drugs, and drowsiness are important factors that increase the risk and severity of injuries caused by motor vehicle traffic accidents.

What to do in case of accident or poisoning?

  • In case of burns, follow basic first aid recommendations. Remember that the guidelines are different depending on the cause, the size and condition of the wound. Severe burns require immediate medical attention.
  • If you take part in a correfoc and for any reason your clothes are lit., throw yourself on the ground and roll to put out the flames. Above all, do not mail, because the flames would spread and be more virulent.
  • In case of injury to the eyes, clean the contour of the eye, sense compress the eyeball, wash and go urgently to a health center.
  • If between two and six hours after consuming the cake, you have a very strong stomach ache, cold sweat, vomiting, diarrhea or fever, you are more likely to suffer from food poisoning. Avoid dehydration and follow basic first aid tips.