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Accessible rural accommodation in La Garrotxa

By |2021-09-23T12:09:18+02:00September 23rd, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: |

Rural accommodation adapted to La Garrotxa Rural accommodation adapted to La Garrotxa, We offer you one of the six rooms available at Carreter Turisme Rural in La Garrotxa, located in the village of Mieres, entrance to the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa and between the county capitals of Olot and Banyoles. Our facilities are gone [...]

Fiber connection to Cal carreter

By |2021-09-22T11:54:14+02:00September 22nd, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: |

Fiber connection to Cal Carreter Fiber connection to Cal Carreter. From last June, in Cal Carreter Rural Tourism in Mieres, we have fiber connectivity we have finally been able to provide this service so requested and so fought to complement and improve the services from our home [...]

Traveller‘s Choice 2021 from Tripadvisor

By |2021-07-20T18:15:29+02:00July 20th, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: |

Traveller‘s Choice 2021 de Tripadvisor Traveller's Choice 2021 de Tripadvisor ha seleccionat al nostre Turisme Rural entre els 10% of the best establishments in the world. Ja són dos anys d'ençà que vàrem iniciar aquest projecte, two long years full of challenges, personal and collective, amb una pandèmia pel mig però amb el coratge i les ganes de seguir estant al vostre servei. Estem molt satisfets d'explicar-vos que hem rebut altre [...]

Cal Carreter summer and vegetarian cuisine

By |2021-07-20T15:43:13+02:00July 20th, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: |

Summer and vegetarian cuisine in Cal Carreter Summer and vegetarian cuisine in Cal Carreter, two formats of cuisine that Núria knows well and that are the claim of this time of year. Si bé els nostres visitants ens agraeixen els plats típics de proximitat i amb ingredients i formats de cuina volcànica i amb matèria prima de quilòmetre 0 sempre tenim les nostres opcions originals i [...]

Outdoor dinners Rural tourism Garrotxa

By |2021-07-20T15:21:57+02:00July 16th, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: |

Outdoor dinners at Cal Carreter Outdoor dinners Rural tourism Garrotxa, in Mieres and finally we open the two pergolas that since last year we installed at the gates of the road in order to be able to give and offer you dinners outside. This past weekend we did with the house [...]

New machinery in rural house Cal Carreter

By |2021-07-20T15:18:05+02:00July 15th, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: |

New machinery in rural house Cal Carreter New machinery in rural house Cal Carreter in Mieres, finally we already have new means to have well tidied and well taken care of the exteriors of CAL CARRETER. From our beginning in the management of the house of Rural Tourism we wanted to take great care in the maintenance and the [...]

We work in the garden of Cal Carreter

By |2021-04-28T16:37:38+02:00April 28th, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: |

We work the Cal Carreter orchard The orchard requires dedication, care and presence. If we want to have a good garden with quality vegetables, we have to consider different aspects. In first place, it is important that it is exposed to the sun and that it has water. For our vegetables to grow strong and healthy, it is crucial that the earth be [...]

Eager to leave home?

By |2021-04-22T15:28:03+02:00April 21st, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: |

Eager to leave home? La Garrotxa is waiting for you. La Garrotxa is waiting for you. Eager to leave home? According to government sources as of Monday, 26 d'abril, the county confinement will be lifted and it will be possible to circulate throughout the territory. This way, closure by veguerias or health regions is ruled out, which had been pointed out as a measure [...]

Rural Tourism is a year of uncertainty

By |2021-01-05T12:01:30+01:00January 5th, 2021|Categories: News|Tags: |

El Turisme Rural un any d'incerteses El Turisme Rural any d'incerteses si bé és reconegut que és un sector dins del turisme del nostre pais que podem considerar que va a l'alça, segons desprèn d'un estudi de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, constata que la demanda interna a Catalunya d'aquesta modalitat ha augmentat un 23 per [...]