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Origins returns the 20 i 21 November

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Origins returns the 20 i 21 November Origins returns the 20 i 21 November, weekend in which the ninth edition of the Agri-Food Fair of Quality Products of Catalonia will bring together more than 60 producers from all over the territory and renowned chefs at the Olot Exhibition Center. They will all offer several proposals with one [...]

Sant Lluc d’Olot Fair

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Fira de Sant Lluc d’Olot Fira de Sant Lluc d’Olot is a multi-sector fair with 3 main axes: la ramaderia (the origin of the fair and that this year will host the cattle fair, producers and related activities in the area of ​​the Fair), el dibuix (with the 66th edition of the Drawing Fair in Plaça Clarà i [...]

Agenda Temps de Flors recommended by Cal Carreter

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Agenda Temps de Flors recommended by Cal Carreter Agenda Temps de Flors Consult all the events that will be held within the framework of the Girona floral show and that from our house of Rural Tourism we recommend to our guests. Agenda Temps de Flors recommended by Cal Carreter. The main attraction of «Girona, Time to [...]

Feast of Saint Anthony in Olot

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Feast of Sant Antoni in Olot Feast of Sant Antoni in Olot 2020, this coming weekend this event will be held so deeply rooted in the Garrotxa region. Saint Anthony is the patron saint of animals that live with man and also of artisans and porters. The festivities of Sant Antoni Abat are a set [...]

Besalú Jewish town

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Besalú Jewish city Celebration of historical recreation focused on the evocation of the medieval Jewish community of Besalú. Besalú Jewish town. In early March, through the streets of the town it is possible to travel back in time and go back to the Middle Ages. You can enjoy live Sephardic music, conferences, theatrical guided tours, typical gastronomy, [...]

Fira the farro 2020 Vall de Bianya

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Fira the farro 2020 in Vall de Bianya Spelled Fair 2020 in Vall de Bianya the proposal of Cal Carreter Turisme Rural a la Garrotxa for this coming weekend with its XIII edition. The XIII Fira del Farro de la Vall de Bianya brings together a lot of activities: Conference RCR Architects (on Saturday 1 a [...]

Fair St. Anthony of St. Paul

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Fira de Sant Antoni de Santa Pau Fira de Sant Antoni the event in Santa Pau where you can taste the best beans of this year, and that this year celebrates its 30th anniversary . The next day 19 in January you have an appointment in the capital of the volcanoes and you can stay at Cal Carreter rural house for [...]