Time to view the Garrotxa

Temporary in sight to the Garrotxa. Starting tomorrow Friday, the first snowfalls will arrive in the Pyrenees with temperatures down. Next week the quota could drop from 500 meters with rise in sight and be able to find a landscape in the Garrotxa well whitewashed.

The weather will be complicated and brave for the next few days with a forecast as uncertain as it is encouraging. After consecutive weeks of anticyclone with few interruptions, from Friday, 17 January, the situation will start to change with the entry of one mass of very cold polar air that will bring us fully winter temperatures.

Very interesting time what will be in Mieres the next few days, ha what the snow level can be around 200 The 300 meters on time between Sunday and midweek.

The cold will come slowly

The retreat of the center of the anticyclone to higher latitudes on the continent will leave the way clear from Friday so that the air of polar origin arrives directly in Catalonia, although in the morning the thermometers will rise temporarily. Looking ahead to Friday, we will notice the drop in temperatures from the afternoon and evening especially, although it will not yet be very remarkable. Of course, they will arrive precipitation on the north face of the Pyrenees that can jump on the south face, as well as afternoon showers in the northeast. Snow level between 1.100 i 1.300 metres.

On Saturday we will notice the most wintery atmosphere with temperatures that will already cost more than 5º in the Pyrenees and between 7º and 12º in most of the rest of the territory. Sunday is when the thermometers would drop most eagerly, and the descent would have continuity until, at least, Tuesday or Wednesday. The highlight of this cold is that it will bravely lower the snow level, even below the 500 metres, coinciding with precipitation. So, the situation can be very complicated if the forecasts are fulfilled.

Snow below 500 m: where and when?

Probably, snow is one of the most adverse weather factors that most people like in winter. So good, it seems that these next days we will have enough numbers to see snow at altitudes in Catalonia, although a clear snow situation is not seen.

For the moment, between on Saturday and Sunday there may be some light and scattered showers in the north and north-east of Catalonia, although it would be a small thing. Of course, watch out for the snow level, which will go down to the 600 meters to the north of the territory and to the 900 The 800 meters to the rest on Saturday, But it is will collapse until the 500 meters facing Sunday.

Attention because Monday, although not much rain is expected for now, the elevation could drop from 500 metres, even approach the 200 in a timely manner. From Tuesday and Wednesday, But, the entry of warmer easterly winds will cause the snow level to rise, at the same time more general and abundant rainfall will arrive.

To sum up, between Sunday and Tuesday it could snow very lightly anywhere in the interior,