Weather snow Garrotxa

Weather snow Garrotxa, The storm will affect the entire country, with very prominent precipitation accumulations, very strong gusts of wind and sea storm.

A few hours later than expected, about two-thirty on Tuesday evening, the snow has reached La Garrotxa. Points such as Santa Pau or Batet de la Serra have been whitewashed in a short time and the thickness of the snow has made it difficult to travel on roads such as the Santa Pau road. (GI-524). In the Vall d’en Bas the snow has made its appearance more timidly but the Catalan Traffic Service and the Mossos d’Esquadra have taken the usual precautions: restrict the passage of trucks and vehicles over 12 tons and not let cars that did not have chains pass. The snow level is expected to rise over the next few hours and tomorrow the precipitation will turn into rain., also with amounts that could be significant, due to the east storm that affects Catalonia until Thursday.

Civil Protection alert of meteorological phenomena “quite extreme” from this Monday. The rise is already here. The heavy rainstorm, New, wind and sea has already been installed·in the country and the episode will last until at least Wednesday. The NeuCat and VentCat plans have been activated in the Principality.

At this time, the main concern is the wind, with strong gusts especially on the coast. Civil Protection has called for avoiding activities in maritime areas, as well as in spaces with trees, parks and gardens in cities, in the face of a situation “complicated”, according to the Department of the Interior.

Rainfall is already affecting the southern third and northeastern quadrant of the country in the form of rain. The snow level will go down throughout the day and could be between 400 i 700 meters in the late morning or at noon. Snowfall is expected in the southern part of the Principality and also in the Pyrenees and areas of Ripollès and Central Catalonia, such as Osona and Moianès. At this time, the first snowfall is already taking place in inland areas such as Cantonigros, Sant Hilari, Moià and Ripoll. For the moment, very weak and accompanied by strong wind.

From Tuesday the precipitation will be more extensive and continuous, especially in the eastern half and the rest of the coast and pre-coast, at the same time the snow level will rise towards the 1.000 The 1.200 meters and snowfall will be restricted to the Pyrenees and other mountain points in the northeast quadrant of the territory. Despite this, in the morning it could still snow at lower levels of the pre-coastal or Central Catalonia.

Weather models indicate that this situation could be maintained during Wednesday, with a snow level that would already be above the 1.300 meters everywhere.

Throughout the episode, the most important precipitation accumulations are expected in the eastern half and in the rest of the coast and the pre-coast. In these areas the rainfall records may exceed 100 mm and locally the 200, especially at points in the interior of the northeast quadrant where, Besides, more than 20 cm of snow above the 1.000 metres, as well as in the area of ​​the Port Massif. Besides, in the Pyrenees and the Eastern Pre-Pyrenees, as well as in the Transversal mountain range, more than 50 cm of new snow above the 1.400 meters and more than a meter and a half above the 2.000 metres.