Visit to the newly formed gorges

Visit to the newly formed gorges. La Diputació de Girona ha impulsat un model de gestió d’ús públic de les gorgues. The purpose seems to be to stop overcrowding in specific inland rivers and gorges, and propose measures to rationalize access and find a balance between the conservation of space and its use and recreational enjoyment.

Overcrowding in natural areas of Catalonia has been a growing problem for a decade. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, visitors to some inland bathing areas have doubled or tripled over previous summers, without that, to this day, there would be no comprehensive management of the problem that takes into account the environmental perspective or homogeneous management regulations between the affected areas.

The situation required urgent solutions to curb the consequences on biodiversity and the environment in such fragile spaces.: soil erosion, water turbulence, direct impact on flora or fauna (manipulation of animals or crushing of the animals and nests themselves) or noise (discomfort for reproduction). Also to minimize social conflicts between visitors and residents of these municipalities and the problems of public safety due to traffic jams in case of urgent access to the gorges (fire or rescue).

This new model was presented this Wednesday at noon in Sadernes (la Garrotxa), with the presence of the Deputy for the Environment, Lluís Amat; the president of the County Council of La Garrotxa, of the Alta Garrotxa Consortium and the Garrotxa Environment and Public Health Consortium (SIGMA), Santi Reixach; the mayor of Sales de Llierca, Miquel Palomeras; the mayor of Tortellà, Josep Reig, and the Councilor for Social Welfare and Health of Montagut i Oix, Anna Font.

In his speech, Lluís Amat emphasized the need to create a model with these characteristics and the possibility of extrapolating it beyond the demarcation.: “Actions such as those promoted by this model have three main objectives: the conservation of our natural spaces, the coexistence between visitors and inhabitants and guarantee a quality visit that satisfies the expectations of the visitor. Without well-planned and consensual regulation, this is no longer possible ”.

It is from today that visitors d’ aquests indrets i comunicat per els diferents responsables dels municipis respectius que han publicat en els seus respectius mitjans les noves pautes que haura de seguir el visitant de la garrotxa per accedir a aquests indrets.