Visits for everyone

Visits for everyone. Cultural proposal in Olot in the framework of guided tours from the 12 from October to 7 December, a cultural activity recommended by rural house Cal carreter Turisme Rural Garrotxa that sure t’ will like. Experience the environment and cultural heritage of the capital of La Garrotxa differently, discovering the hidden value that you can discover with this activity through the guide.

We have attached the calendar of visits that you can make during this autumn and that you will surely like. Guided tours in Olot.

Visits for all tastes and for all ages! Modernists, to the volcano, gastronomic, …


Visit 100% D.O Olotina

6 euros

The whites of Olot were already the most sought after, the Indians were an art and a craft, and for years textiles were the mainstay of the industry. And what other city makes saints?

D.O. Olot takes a tour of the most authentic Olot and of centuries-old industries such as chocolate making, ratafia and meats. An experience in the "business" of Olot with its own character.

Includes keyboard!

Route to the Montsacopa volcano

5 euros

The grids of Montsacopa Volcano are an open-air natural museum; there we can observe and touch with our own hands the different types of volcanic stone.

We will explore the Montsacopa volcano, entering the crater and enjoying the stunning views of Olot. We will discover a church and even watchtowers with many stories.

Besides, in the end, each family will take home a memory of the volcano.

Discover the Olot Modernista

6 euros

In Olot, Modernism had a strong influence on urban architecture. Clear examples are the facades of the Solà Morales houses (Domènech i Montaner), Bidder (Azemar), Escubos, Gassiot and Gaietà Vila (Paluzie).
The route starts to l 'Olot tourist office and runs through the historic center of the city, where most modernist buildings are concentrated.