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Proposal balloon flights in the Garrotxa

Balloon Flight in Garrotxa

Balloon Flight in Garrotxa. From Casa Rural Cal Carreter Rural Tourism we offer the experience of flying in globus the rides Natural Park of Volcanic Zone , one of the most interesting areas of dormant volcanoes in Europe.

Flying in globus is a different way to travel, is floating in the air, calm and silence and feel the sense of absolute freedom, serenity and adventurous spirit.

ideal for nature lovers and those seeking new sensations, like the sights with a bird's-eye view of 360

On clear days, can observe Montserrat and the sea Mediterranean, the pedraforca, Canigó, Montseny Always with ... Pyrenees the bottom and volcanoes under our feet.

The proposal Balloon Cal Carreter

The activity begins early in the morning when it is cooler and the atmosphere is stable and calmer wind

We will meet at the Vol de Coloms facilities, to play the volcano Croscat, where we field takeoff.

Grab a coffee while watching, click pictures or help us in preparing the globus and inflating the majestic sailing colors.

The wind marks the course of our journey, which last from sun 1h a 1h 30 minutes about.

During the flight champagne toast pink, symbolizing the color of the volcanic soil and crackling cake tasted.

It is a good time to take aerial photographs, a memory for life.

Once we landed, we will go together to the Pigeon Flight facilities, Exclusive for passengers and their companions , where we expect a good breakfast farmhouse bread with tomato and sausage, Santa Pau beans with sausage, desserts The Cooperative Beech, we, liquor and coffee.

To end the adventure we will deliver a certificate signed by the pilot of flight.

It is important to know that we Baskets door, highly recommended for older people with reduced mobility and also adapted for people with wheelchair.

Coffee at Pigeon Flight facilities .
Balloon flight between 1h and 1h30 m.aproximadament
Champagne and cake crackling while traveling.
If an exclusive details Birthday wishes, or some special event, familiar,
Transfer with 4 × 4 from the landing field to our facilities.
Breakfast on the farm Flight of Pigeons restaurant

See Packs FAMILY FLY in case you are traveling with children.


Everyone can fly 5 a 100 years.
Refrain pregnant
If you have food intolerance we say that Flight of Pigeons restaurant There's prepare what are the appropriate.


No need to go too warm, with seasonal clothing is enough, ie, as if to walking in the mountains.
Important not go with high-heeled shoe.
It may take photograph machines, cameras filmed to save these unique moments

If a passenger has not done balloon trip, but wants to make breakfast lunch fork and knife, there is no problem and can be added. The price per adult is € 12 and 6 € children 5 a 12 years.

Casa Rural Turisme Rural Garrotxa

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